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October 2013

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October 2013 Features

Improve system performance, energy efficiency, and operations.

Welcome to the ABBY Award winners.
Notice clues, identify evidence, and enlist investigators to solve the case.

The Energy Manager™

What will it take to get your efficiency project approved?
Weather-related outages in the U.S. cost upwards of $30 billion annually.
The new system will drastically slash utility costs.
New system installs PV without roof penetrations.
DPR Construction pushes energy solutions at its regional office.
Deadline to comply goes into effect after the end of October.
Three SDOs allege massive copyright infringement.
This project brings energy-efficient solutions to a historic building.
The average pre-1920 or post-World War II building consumes less energy than many structures built afterward, according to the EIA’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS).
Coming soon: windows that dynamically control incoming light and heat.
The financial benefits of energy efficiency upgrades are even higher than you think.
Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) optimizes performance automatically.
Solar panels are being installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Why the Vitriol in the Climate Change Debate?
Turn grassroots enthusiasm into sustainable progress.
Biogas released from food scraps will supply 20% of energy demands each year.

Smarter Buildings™

Ensure your security services match your expectations and needs.

How to ensure a smooth deployment and optimal performance from your new system.
Dive deeper for maximum savings.
Enhance daylighting and energy performance with glazing retrofits.
Look for certifications to wade through the claims.

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