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November 2013

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November 2013 Features

Jump over the obstacle of initial cost and fund your money-saving project.
The top 10 biggest changes to the leading green rating system.
Distinguish yourself with the right balance of education and experience.

The Energy Manager™

Need financing for an energy project? A new guide highlights national sources.
A cogeneration plant boosts efficiency for this health campus.

Reduce water demand up to 40% with water efficiency tools.

The Windy City joins eight other cities and two states that already require energy benchmarking.
The design of the center itself significantly impacts energy consumption.
Updates in the new version of 90.1.
On-site generation, utility products, and renewable energy certificates fuel high-ranking organizations.
A measurement tool to ease smart grid implementation.
More than half of respondents invested in energy efficiency programs in the past year.
Coal-fired power plants aren't economically viable.
Recent studies show that now may be the time for an upgrade.

New York Metro Edition

New code changes will strengthen buildings in the face of adverse weather. 
Specialized tips for New York City's unique geography.
Explore current funding opportunities for commercial buildings.
A significant percentage of NYC building owners still haven't benchmarked their properties.
Learn how certain buildings have already answered the call.
Facility managers can take advantage of project financing.

Strategies to improve water efficiency.

Mixed-use residential and retail.

Smarter Buildings™

Don’t let these incidents catch you off guard.
Is your heating equipment ready to roll when cold weather settles in?
Meet the code requirements or assume the risk.
Focus on types, controls, and incentives so your project shines.
Interim low-moisture care saves money and extends carpet life.

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