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March 2014

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March 2014 Features

Strategies to decrease workplace homicides.
Create and reinforce an emergency plan that includes sheltering details.
Opportunities at outside providers are vast and varied.

What kind of person commits mass homicide in the workplace?

The Energy Manager™

Energy and water upgrades costing $7 million at a Hilton hotel were funded by utility savings.
Energy efficiency is king in the Emerald City.
Turbines can balance loads and reduce blackouts.
How smart renovations help pave the path to zero.
How the Better Buildings Act could help green leased properties.
Discovery taps the hidden energy in evaporation.
Lighting and solar top the list of municipal priorities.
The update is expected to reduce water waste.
Could one of these apps change the way you work?
ASHRAE offers tips to slash refrigeration energy.
Outpatient surgical centers.
Assisted living apartments.
The cost of straying from the straight and narrow.

Sustainable Buildings™

Jolt your recycling efforts.
How green pros can positively affect a company's bottom line.
Sustainable sites offer sizable benefits.
Programs prove to be good for business and the environment.

How do EPDs, HPDs, and PTDs fit into LCA?

Learn about a foreign sustainable design that could be coming to the states.

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