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April 2014

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April 2014 Features

Innovative solutions from real projects.
Improve IEQ with quality illumination.
Whether architectural or security lighting, these systems can provide visual oomph and a safety boost.

The Energy Manager™

The state certified 171 projects.
The study is the first of its kind.
Federal target is $0.06 per kWh.
Utilities view microgrids as a competitive threat.
Simplified calculations streamline feasibility analysis.

A new study says yes.

ASHRAE provides job distinctions.
Output study casts doubt on previous research.
Smart meters emerge as a potential solution.
New insights into photosynthesis could drive renewable energy.
Simple payback doesn’t capture full benefits.

Intel's Jones Farm pioneered technologies 10 years ago that are commonplace today.

Can We Please Call a Spade a Spade?
Office renovations.

Sustainable Buildings™

U.S. cities invest in green programs.

Determine transportation’s environmental toll on products.
Six tips to keep bugs and rodents at bay.

Existing systems reveal if one will work at your site.

Discover EPA resources pertinent to all building types.

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