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June 2014

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June 2014 Features

Affordable strategies to get your building close to zero.

97 budget-friendly solutions to will make your life easier.

Tablet documentation, electronic compilation, and controls integration work wonders for walkthroughs.

The Energy Manager™

Slash costs and emissions while preserving comfort and functionality.

Field-tested technologies help reduce dependence on foreign oil.

The aging national power grid costs more to maintain each year, and those costs are passed on to customers.

Local grids could ease blackouts.

City moves toward 50% reduction.

Electricity falls while natural gas rises.

Los Angeles claims the number one spot once again.

Different climate zones require different design strategies.

The strategy of liquid cooling could open up possibilities of using rejected heat for building heating systems.

The testing, manufacturing, delivery, and installation of new technologies will emphasize new requirements.

If You Could Change One Thing about Your Office . . .

Learn how costs of brick, steel, and plywood stack up.

Sustainable Buildings™

Lower costs while boosting comfort and environmental credibility.

Capital sustainability ideas.

Save water and reduce disposal fees.

Success from the EPA’s Green Power Partnership.

Focus on performance and certification when selecting eco-friendly insulation.

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