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  1. 09/07/2011
    A recent focus group probed the views of property managers on security issues such as defining building security, balancing guards and technology, and managing security costs. Comments made by participants read like a how-to manual for building security.
  2. 04/03/2006
    The cost premium for green buildings is nominal over that of traditional, "to-code" structures
  3. 01/01/2009
  4. 11/02/2006
    Compare copper and CPVC piping to decide which is better for your application
  5. 01/01/2010

    Make sure you’re up to date on code requirements so you don’t face liability issues later

  6. 03/01/2009
    Prepare for (and pass) your next fire inspection with these helpful tips
  7. 02/01/2010
    Unless your facility is less than three stories tall, or has fewer than 3,000 square feet per floor, your elevators must conform to the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  8. 02/25/2014
    Strategies to decrease workplace homicides.
  9. 01/25/2013
    Five key ways that facility managers and building owners fail when handing emergency preparation.
  10. 06/28/2006
    A strong HVAC maintenance program isn't an option; it's a must


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