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  1. 10/20/2015

    Demand for office space shown to be outpacing construction growth.

  2. 11/17/2015

    Intelligent IT systems projected to improve facility intelligence.

  3. 07/09/2015

    Regulation will reduce waste, improve use of sustainable products.

  4. 10/19/2015

    New regulation to avoid loss of life during earthquake situations.

  5. 05/29/2015

    New ratings will verify efficient design, performance.

  6. 10/07/2015

    Performance report shows large drops in facility energy consumption.

  7. 05/04/2015

    Three steps to extend roof life.

  8. 11/19/2015

    Safety procedures revisited to address new technology, best practices.

  9. 10/01/2015

    Morton Buildings is the national leader in the post-frame construction industry. Partnering with Architects and Engineers across the country, Morton designBUILD specializes in constructing and managing complex, low-rise structures, whether commercial, residential, municipal, or for nearly any other application. Post-frame construction offers distinct advantages over other construction methods.

  10. 10/01/2015

    Learn about the targets a product has to reach.

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