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  1. 10/01/2014

    Battery-powered burnishers offer high performance results and versatility to customize cleaning. Recent advances have significantly enhanced the performance and productivity of battery-powered burnishers. Compared to propane-powered, battery-powered burnishers deliver high performance gloss results, are quieter, require minimal maintenance, and provide excellent health and safety benefits.


  2. 09/26/2014

    Survey shows people more careful, less satisfied in public washrooms.

  3. 10/30/2014

    Report shows healthy features and practices yield results.

  4. 10/22/2014

    New rule aims to eliminate the production of HCFC refrigerants. 

  5. 11/01/2014

    Learn about the breezy benefits of this renewable power source.

  6. 06/03/2015

    New OSHA guide to ensure fair treatment, safe working conditions.

  7. 07/01/2015

    The time is ripe to donate leftovers and divert scraps for composting.

  8. 12/08/2014

    New technology allows record-high energy output.

  9. 11/05/2014

    Lawsuits unlikely to convince polluters to change opposition to legislative reform. 

  10. 09/02/2014

    A new study challenges the idea that sparse workplaces produce happier, more productive employees.

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