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  1. 02/10/2016

    Guidelines to protect occupants from intruders.

  2. 05/19/2016

    Connectrac® wireways are the best floor-based solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes. According to a recent RSMeans study, Connectrac saves facility directors and electrical engineers 50% or more compared to core drilling or trenching in both new construction and retrofits of older buildings.

  3. 11/04/2015

    Increased installations lead to capacity increase.

  4. 12/21/2015

    DOE rule projected to save up to $167 billion over 30 years.

  5. 03/30/2016

    Proposed change would update minimum efficiency levels for lighting in high-rise dwellings.

  6. 12/07/2015

    Renewables, water reduction strategies highlighted as drivers of the decline.

  7. 12/18/2015

    11.4 MW photovoltaic array will be the largest municipal project in the U.S.

  8. 01/22/2016

    Land temperatures reported to be highest since 1880.

  9. 11/02/2015

    Survey shows campuses could do more to support hygiene.

  10. 01/18/2016

    Guideline to standardize notation

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