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  1. 05/06/2014

    The city of Manitou Springs, Colorado signed a contract to provide up to 100% of its city facilities’ energy needs from community solar.

  2. 06/27/2014

    Wish to be an energy whiz? Deploy devices that cut consumption, balance baselines, and revitalize reliability.

  3. 07/16/2014

    Enhance cleaning practices at your educational facilities.

  4. 08/04/2014

    The unintended consequences of energy-efficient design.

  5. 11/05/2014

    Lawsuits unlikely to convince polluters to change opposition to legislative reform. 

  6. 12/09/2014

    Recent rainfall not enough to offset groundwater losses.

  7. 11/25/2014

    More executives choosing alternatives to LEED.

  8. 12/24/2014

    New DD Green program looks to improve restaurant sustainability.

  9. 03/31/2015

    U.S. photovoltaic capacity reaches new record for photovoltaic installations.

  10. 10/30/2014

    Imagine a luminaire that can provide energy-efficient, dimmable, code-compliant light for 10 years or more before the light source needs to be replaced. That could make a real difference to your occupants, your operations, your bottom line. Maybe you could better utilize your maintenance staff, or, if your crews are being paid overtime to change lamps after-hours, reduce labor costs. No more lighting contracts. No more storage of burnt-out fluorescent lamps. And in the competition for tenants, especially triple-net tenants, reduced utility bills and maintenance costs increase your competitive edge and the value of your property. 

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