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  1. 07/11/2014

    Tenants have low tolerance for even one pest sighting, a new survey reveals.

  2. 11/07/2014

    ASTM to target roofing material diversion rates. 

  3. 10/20/2014

    The EPA looks to help improve energy and air quality during educational facility renovations. 

  4. 03/11/2015

    Program will streamline certification processes, code familiarity.

  5. 02/06/2015

    Illinois repeats as top state for green-certified buildings.

  6. 04/07/2015

    Seeking the most eco-friendly building technologies and materials for their new corporate headquarters, this fertilizer company, with the help of its mechanical contractor and design engineer, discovered an ideal piping solution for its geothermal, chilled and condenser water and snowmelt systems.

  7. 04/07/2015

    Our industry leading 100% outside air High Discharge Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) direct fired heating technologies are the most energy efficient way to heat both commercial and industrial buildings. Cambridge’s heaters also have the industry's highest temperature rise and Btu/cfm ratio. Starting at 250,000 Btus, our SA-series heaters are the most energy efficient way to heat buildings with 25,000 s/f or less. For larger spaces, 25,000 s/f and up, our S-series heaters provide heating solutions up to 3.2 million Btus from a single heater.

  8. 04/28/2015

    Fortune 200 companies use green certification to verify sustainability, energy savings.

  9. 01/06/2015

    Improvements extend beyond energy efficiency to carbon emissions.

  10. 03/01/2015

    Outlook for Construction and Material Costs.

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