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  1. 10/22/2014

    New rule aims to eliminate the production of HCFC refrigerants. 

  2. 01/24/2014
    Read the fine print or risk voiding your coverage.
  3. 10/08/2014

    Illumination improvements take the top award for physics

  4. 12/01/2013
    Beware of situations that can lead to costly repairs.
  5. 10/06/2014

    New device integrates batteries into solar cell design.

  6. 01/30/2014
    As the economy continues to stabilize, non-residential construction will grow.
  7. 03/24/2014
    University of Washington (UW) scientists have built the thinnest known LED that can be used as a source of light energy in electronics.
  8. 12/20/2013
    A new study shows that coal generation plants can be modified to fit within the new power sector and be a part of a cleaner energy system.
  9. 11/01/2013
    The top 10 biggest changes to the leading green rating system.
  10. 04/24/2014

    Explore real-time green building data through the newly launched data visualization resource from the USGBC.

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