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  1. 11/01/2014

    Managing energy costs in data centers requires coordination between FM and IT.

  2. 11/01/2014

    The government seeks to lead by example in energy management.

  3. 11/26/2014

    Survey shows green initiatives pay off in hiring as well as energy.

  4. 10/01/2014

    Sustainable facilities may be deadly for birds.

  5. 08/07/2014

    Could your building withstand an F3 tornado repeatedly?

  6. 05/08/2014

    Creating a break-encouraging workplace culture is essential, according to a new survey.

  7. 03/13/2014
    Worried about workplace violence in your facility? Researchers have discovered that “mindfully observing” high-risk employees can avert danger and workplace violence.
  8. 01/14/2014
    Commercial buildings can improve their winter time IAQ with proper air filtration techniques.
  9. 10/30/2014

    Report shows healthy features and practices yield results.

  10. 12/27/2013
    As asthma rates continue to rise, the Healthy Building Network warns that new preventive strategies are needed to address this epidemic at its source.
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