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  1. 10/10/2014

    New code to increase commercial building efficiency.

  2. 08/22/2014

    Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a luminescent solar concentrator that is as transparent as glass. 

  3. 02/01/2014
    EVS directors are under pressure to maintain or enhance the cleanliness of their facilities, often while their budgets are reduced. The key to meeting these challenges is using innovative products that reduce costs and enhance productivity. Learn how chemical-free cleaning in a healthcare environment can help reduce costs and resources.
  4. 01/07/2014
    Sanford Health is the largest rural nonprofit integrated health system in the nation. Headquartered in Sioux Falls, S.D., it employs 26,000 people and is the largest employer in North Dakota and South Dakota.
  5. 10/27/2014

    Report shows increased occupant engagement in offices with green features.

  6. 09/25/2014

    A new study shows that switching natural gas for coal will not significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions being produced. 

  7. 02/25/2014
    Opportunities at outside providers are vast and varied.
  8. 12/01/2013
    Choose between single- and multi-attribute programs.
  9. 11/14/2014

    Water conservation efforts see results.

  10. 08/06/2014

    Make sure your conference room is properly outfitted with a projection system that meets your occupants' needs.

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