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f you’re looking to the bright future of photovoltaics for your facility or building, experts say you’re not going to have to wait long.  Prices for photovoltaic power systems are dropping, and dropping fast.


Educational facilities may be able to benefit from an advanced multi-touch, multi-user school desk.  Research shows that use of the desk can boost skill in mathematics and that the desks offer unique collaborative opportunities.


Stamats has announced that it has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Silver for its headquarters building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  LEED is the nation's preeminent program for the design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings.  The LEED certification is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Bed bugs have been the cause of countless nightmares for facility managers and building owners, but a new solution may be on the way to deal with the resilient pest.  According to a team of Penn State entomologists, biopesticides might provide an answer to the great bed bug problem.

VTT specialists have assessed Finland's chances of achieving the 80% greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. The EU's goal for 2050 is to reduce emissions by at least 80% from the level of 1990.

What’s next on the energy technology horizon?  Three new studies published in the current issue of Technology and Innovation – Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors, innovators unveil creative technologies that could change our sources of energy, change our use of energy, and change our lives
Green is becoming a major player in many industries, and that range now extends to the supercomputer.  Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Titan headlines the green supercomputer movement.

While executives remained committed to incorporating sustainable building practices into their building programs, fewer said their companies were likely to seek LEED certification from the US Green Building Council when constructing a green building. 


The only way to guarantee that energy in an enterprise is utilized as efficiently as possible is to monitor, measure and control not only the IT infrastructure, but also the building-management systems and industrial controls.


Effective risk management is increasingly seen as an essential element of delivering successful projects. With a project risk management process and system, risks to the project can be identified early and minimized, and teams will be able to seize opportunities as they occur.


Is your facility ready to handle flu season?  Think again - The U.S. Department of Health estimates that five to 20% of Americans will contract the flu each year, with more than 200,000 hospitalized for flu-related complications.


The question is paradoxical in nature, because although the answer is simple and finite in one regard – i.e., “the facility” – it is actually vast and seemingly endless.

As budgets continue to tighten, and with increasing regulations dictating decisions, it is helpful to analyze the wide-reaching responsibilities of facilities management teams.


Malaysia's ambition for the massive new Iskandar development: a model of sustainable development and an economic hub in league with Hong Kong and neighboring Singapore.

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson determined that, as a result of effects of Hurricane Sandy, extreme and unusual supply circumstances exist, which may result in a temporary shortage of diesel fuel compliant with federal regulations.

Reducing material cost of photovoltaic options could make solar and photovoltaic options a very alluring choice for facility managers and building owners worldwide.


With the worst of Hurricane Sandy now passing the eastern seaboard, Entergy's Indian Point Energy Center and James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in New York, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts and Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vermont have all safely endured the storm.  Did the grid hold? Are there lessons for facility managers and building owners here as well?


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, more than 650,000 customers in New York City and Westchester County lost electrical power, Con Edison said early today.  Natural disasters of this nature can be devastating and create serious challenges for facility managers and building owners to endure.


How are things shaping up on the energy front?  Facility managers and building owners keeping track of energy possibilities in the renewable and alternative categories, take note.


Employing a method called impact-echo testing, professors Brian Mazzeo and Spencer Guthrie have determined a way to diagnose the health of a bridge’s deck based on the acoustic footprint produced by a little bit of water.

Pharmaceutical company Novartis has called for construction of the largest transparent photovoltaic roof in the U.S.  Sunways AG will be supplying over 161,000 monocrystalline, semitransparent design solar cells (5 x 5 inch / 125 x 125 mm) for the project in East Hanover, NJ. They will be installed in 820 bespoke glass modules.

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