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New LAPD Headquarters Earns LEED Gold

The $437 million Los Angeles Police Administration Building earned LEED Gold certification in May

New LAPD Headquarters Earns LEED Gold

Considered the most expensive building of its kind, the $437 million Los Angeles Police Administration Building is also among the greenest, earning LEED Gold certification in May.

Housing 2,300 law enforcement officers and employees, the 10-story, 500,000-square-foot structure maximizes the advantages of daylighting and energy efficiency. The building features high-performance glass, recycled/recyclable aluminum framing and ornamental details, and environmentally friendly, durable paints.

Highly transparent glass and windows were incorporated throughout the building’s exterior to invite natural light and sightlines that connect the city’s law enforcement with the community it serves. Light colors and finishes are used to further communicate this sense of warmth and openness.

Along with the custom silk-screened glass, the curtainwalls’ deep sightlines and shadow boxes add visual interest to the façade. Similarly, the window pattern of 429 “punched” openings avoids a grid-like layout in favor of an open, yet secure, staggered arrangement.

Helping save time and labor in the field, the majority of the 100,000-square-feet of windows and curtainwall systems were shop-glazed and pre-assembled into ready-to-install units, then staged, sequenced, crated and shipped to the job site. Contributing to the building’s intended longevity, the window and curtainwall systems also were tested to meet stringent performance criteria, particularly for seismic performance.

Within its finished interior, the building has dedicated spaces for administration and investigative operations, a Police Commission hearing room, conference center, state-of-the-art communications and command center, 200-seat café, and a 450-seat auditorium. Many of the building’s large assembly areas are used for civic and community functions as are its outdoor plazas and gardens.


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