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Office Kitchens and Productivity


New survey results from Staples Advantage, the B2B division of Staples, Inc., suggest that having a fully stocked office kitchen complete with food, coffee, and amenities can lead to more productive employees.

The survey found that 73% of office workers said a well-stocked kitchen would make them happier at work, with 57% indicating that it could lead to increased productivity. 

One aspect that employers don’t always account for is that an office kitchen can encourage employees to stay in the office during breaks instead of roving outside, saving time and money.

“Making small investments in the company kitchen can lead to significant benefits in any workplace,” says Lisa Hamblet, vice president for the facility solutions and services business of Staples Advantage. “Our recent survey found that 72 percent viewed the office kitchen as more than just a place to get coffee. To them, it represents a place for impromptu meetings, as well as a space to help keep energy levels high. This provides an opportunity for employers to create a workplace kitchen that boosts their workforce’s productivity and camaraderie.” 

How can employers boost productivity?  The survey offers some tips:

  • Provide several beverage options – Consider adding coffee, tea, flavored water, or hot chocolate to your cabinets.
  • Offer a wide range of snacks – People today are opting for healthier alternatives beyond cookies, crackers and donuts. In fact, out of those surveyed, a tremendous number of respondents (more than 85 percent) said they would want healthy snacks and beverages added to their office kitchen.  If possible, include snack options like granola bars and trail mix. 
  • Consider supplying the right “tools” – Survey data revealed that many employees hope to find a variety of products, including coffee cups (75 percent), forks/knives/spoons (72 percent), as well as plates and other paper products (65 percent) stocked by their company.
  • Supply first aid materials – Accidents happen. To protect your employees from the occasional bumps and bruises, your office first aid kit should include everything needed in case of an accident and should be kept in a central location, easily accessible to all employees.
  • Stay clean and healthy – Offer a broad assortment of cleaning supplies that employees can utilize to keep the kitchen and their personal work spaces clean and germ-free.
  • Make the environment a priority - Supply recycling bins and “green” supplies for eco-conscious employees. Protecting the environment was noted as a priority for those surveyed, and 96 percent would like to see recycling bins in the office.

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