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EPA Proposes Stronger PVC Emissions Standards


The EPA has proposed stronger standards that would require facilities that produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to reduce emissions of harmful toxics, with the goal of improving air quality and protecting community health.

Some of the known issues associated with PVC toxic air pollutants are increased cancer risk, respiratory problems, and other serious health conditions.  Children are more sensitive to the cancer risk posed by inhalation of vinyl chloride.

The standards call for a reduced emission of air toxics, while giving the facilities flexibility in regard to choosing the most practical and cost effective solutions to accomplish the task. 

Facilities are called to monitor emissions at various points in the PVC production process to ensure that the standards are being followed.

All existing and new PVC production facilities would fall under this proposal.  There are currently 17 PVC production facilities in the United States, producing resins used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products.

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