New Access Control Solution From Designed Security Inc (DSI)

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New Access Control Solution From Designed Security Inc (DSI)


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Designed Security Inc (DSI)

Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) has added the Newton Security Inc. patent-pending Tailgate Detection and Alarm Recording system (T-DAR) to its line of door management solutions. T-DAR is designed to correct the security lapses of most current electronic access systems - including biometrics and Smart ID systems - by preventing more than one legal entry per authorized passage. The technology uses a three-dimensional stereo optical tracking system to monitor people passing through secure doorways. The machine-vision technology identifies and "tags" each person within the view of an overhead-tracking camera. In addition to its alarm and recording capabilities on a standard door, a mantrap version of T-DAR is available to further prevent tailgating and piggybacking violations.  For more information, call DSI at 1-800-272-3555 or visit

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