Laboratory to Research Vegetated Roof Systems

02/27/2014 |

Looking to add a green roof to your facility, but not sure which system will yield the best result?

Green roof developer Hanging Gardens, in conjunction with the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, will utilize the Milwaukee Water Council's Global Water Center's vegetated roof as a research laboratory to establish which systems are most beneficial for stormwater mitigation. Other criteria the roof will be tested against include:

  • Water holding capacity
  • Reduction in storm surge capabilities
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Cooling effect
  • Leaching of pollutants and nutrients
  • Rooting of cuttings

The 3,600-square-foot vegetative roof will consist of eleven different vegetative roofing slices, representing five different installation types.

Installation Type 1: Modular Systems

  • Standard module with a biodegradable sidewall
  • Standard module with 3/4-inch tall sidewall with removable soil elevator
  • Standard module with full height sidewall

Installation Type 2: Vegetation Blanket System

  • Fully vegetated sedum mat system

Installation Type 3: Sedum Tile System

  • Color max fully vegetated sedum tile system
  • Growers choice fully vegetated sedum tile ultra-lightweight system

Installation Type 4: Vegetated Plug Systems

  • Native WI perennials – split patch w/ organosilica
  • Garden variety perennials

Installation Type 5: Sedum Cuttings Systems

  • Cold weather sedum cuttings system – split patch w/ organosilica
  • Warm weather sedum cuttings system
  • Zone 4 & 5 sedum cuttings system

For more information, visit the Global Water Center.

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