Survey Investigates Factors in Choosing Roofing Systems

Cost and warranty are among the most important factors

When building owners evaluate roofing systems, cost and warranty are the most important factors, according to a survey conducted by BUILDINGS for the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA).

The survey found that 39% of respondents cited cost as the most important factor, followed by warranty/guarantee at 37%.

The survey also asked respondents about roofing performance factors such as durability. Weatherability and resistance to cracking/crazing was the most important factor (20.6%), followed by membrane resistance to punctures, physical damage and fire (18.9%), and length of warranty (15.7%).  Among the least important performance factors were high solar reflectance (1.3%), heat island mitigation (0.3%), and roofing color (0.2%).

The survey methodology involved a web questionnaire for commercial building owners/managers and other professionals who subscribe to BUILDINGS publications. Completed questionnaires from 258 respondents were analyzed.