The Reinvention of Mixed-Use Facilities

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December 03, 2007
The Reinvention of Mixed-Use Facilities COURTESY OF LOONEY RICKS KISS

The Reinvention of Mixed-Use Facilities
Mixed-use facilities are a growing trend, thanks to sustainable philosophies and urban renewal.
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The Six Sins of Greenwashing
Buyers beware - that so-called "green" product is likely stretching the eco-truth.
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Getting Elevators Ready for Harsh Weather
You've probably thought about disaster preparation for other building systems, but have you readied your vertical transportation system?
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More News

Green Building Technology Used Throughout Newark Campus
The college's $60 million health and technology center is set to open to students in late January 2008.
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Commercial Roofing Expert Provides Sound Advice to South Carolina Building Owner
An inspection of the Superior Essex facility in Chester, SC, found leaks in the building's existing smooth built-up asphalt roof system.
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