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Buildings Energy News, Helping Facilities Professionals Make Smarter Decisions
September 2012 Vol. 9, Issue 9
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Energy Conservation: The Extra Benefits

Want to save on your energy costs? The solution may be right in front of you.

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Introducing the Serrano® LED Architecturally Styled Luminaire (LSER) from Columbia Lighting

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Serrano® LED brings solid state technology into an architecturally styled luminaire. The modular, upgradeable light engine delivers a powerful combination of performance and energy savings. Superior color consistency and serviceability put the finishing touches on this versatile luminaire.

See more at www.columbialighting.com/products/lser/.

Is Your Building a Candidate for Thermal Energy Storage?
See if your building is a good fit for thermal energy storage savings.
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Six Tools For Measuring Energy Performance
Discover significant value in energy performance tracking.
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Key Success Elements of Energy Management
What makes a great energy manager?
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Changing the Way You See Solar

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Thinking about adding solar to your energy management strategy? Concerned that it is too complicated and costly? With a Power Purchase Agreement from Constellation, you receive all the benefits of a solar installation, with no upfront costs and peace of mind up to 20 years.

Solar was right for Benjamin Moore, is it right for you? Click here to find out.
For more information, visit: www.constellation.com/solar.

Magnum DS Switchgear by Eaton Magnum DS Switchgear by Eaton
Protect, control and monitor low-voltage distribution systems.
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Fluke 320 Series Clamp Meters by Fluke Fluke 320 Series Clamp Meters by Fluke
Results for high-demand electrical applications.
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MSAV Supply Fan Technology by Lennox MSAV Supply Fan Technology by Lennox
Power savings and indoor comfort.
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Trina Solar

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As a Facility Manager you strive to decrease your overall carbon footprint and improve your sustainability: solar is a key consideration. Learn how rooftop solar is simpler, more affordable and lowers your energy costs! Solar can utilize your roof space, parking space and any unused land. Whether it is one building or multiple buildings across state lines, our network of partners have deep experience with major installations throughout the United States.

Please learn more about how Trina Solar can help. Please visit solarisnow.com.

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Safely Recycle Fluorescent Lamps by Crushing with Air Cycle’s Bulb Eater® Ascent Media saves energy and goes green with help from McQuay frictionless chiller IntelaSun Catalog
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Measurement and Verification: Monitoring Lighting Systems for Optimal Performance

90210 at 900 Watts

DVM Plus Catalog
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