Air & Water Barrier

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LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier performs as a component of air barrier assembly when used in conjunction with other construction components within the building envelope. Not only does it produce air and water holdout with vapor permeability, it can improve energy efficiencies and indoor air quality.

LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier is a low VOC, self-curing, water-based formula that offers antimicrobial protection. The product bonds to a wide variety of substrates including concrete and brick masonry, cement plaster, oriented strand board, exterior glue plywood, cement backer board and glass mat gypsum exterior sheathing panels.

LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier complies with all the testing requirements in accordance with the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Water Resistive Coatings used as Water Resistive Barriers over Exterior Sheathing.

Manufacturer: LATICRETE
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