FreedMan Chair

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FreedMan Chair

EDITORS’ CHOICE - 2014 Product Innovations

The Editors’ Choice is awarded to a single product that has earned the personal seal of approval from BUILDINGS. This year’s winner, the FreedMan Chair, made our team stop and say “Wow, I want one of those!”

The FreedMan Chair recreates the spine’s natural standing curves and posture when seated. Rather than traditional cushioning or external support, the chair uses the body’s own anatomical structure to allow people to sit correctly and comfortably.

The tilting, pivoting seat pads replicate and maintain normal body curves between the spine and pelvis. Thighs are positioned at a comfortable angle, which allow the legs to relax and feet to be planted on the floor without causing an imbalance in the hips.

The six back balls integrated into the backrest offer gentle pressure into muscles. This mimics an osteopathic treatment called inhibition, where a steady pressure into the muscles causes them to relax.

Manufacturer: Freedman
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