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ISAAC HVAC Robotic System

Carlisle HVAC is has announced the introduction of its Inspection, Sealing, and Advanced Cleaning robotic system, or ISAAC for short.  The ISAAC HVAC Robotic System is Carlisle HVAC's answer to cleaning and sealing inaccessible ductwork. ISAAC can help improve indoor air quality and decrease heating and cooling costs without significant interruption to building occupants.

The ISAAC system is a robotic vehicle integrated with a digital video recorder that is specifically designed to clean, coat and seal ductwork of all types. Included among ISAAC’s capabilities are the capacity for inspection from the inside of ductwork and the ability to remove debris from inside ducts.  ISAAC provides video footage of interior conditions and, if it finds that remediation is necessary, can seal and coat from the inside of the duct.

Because it fits inside ducts, ISAAC is capable of hard-to-reach remediation that would otherwise result in much more costly renovations due to the lack of access to ductwork.  It can help mitigate energy loss by fully cleaning and properly sealing ductwork, making for a more energy efficient building.  By purging a system of long-unnoticed particulate, it can improve indoor air quality.

Manufacturer: Carlisle HVAC
Web Site: www.carlislehvac.com/

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