LED Lighting
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The dimmable PAR30 light bulb provides bright LEDs and great dimming performance on many standard dimmers. The bulbs are available in both soft white (3,000° K) and warm white (2,700°K), as well as uniform beam patterns in 25º and 40º options. Plus the bulbs have a very high color rendering index (CRI) of 85, an important feature for interior lighting showing the “true” colors of objects in the room. For example displayed artwork or kitchen counterspace.

Due to the top-quality construction and design, this bulb has a lifetime expectation of 50,000 hours (lasting 15 times longer than a regular halogen bulb) and a five-year warranty. Homeowners can install it as an investment in the energy-efficiency of their home, without sacrificing looks or productivity.

The heatsink is painted white to match most interior designs, and the unit can smoothly dim from 100% to 0% – similar to a halogen bulb but without the unflattering flickering.

Manufacturer: EnvironmentalLights.com
Web Site: www.EnvironmentalLights.com

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