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eye Kandy

Wide range of LED applications.

At the heart of Elektralite’s eye Kandy is a 200-watt white LED running at 150 watts for long life and reliability. The white is perfectly balanced so as to not give off a blue-white color so often seen in other fixtures. Lensing is set at a beam angle of 6 degrees, producing a tight, intensely bright, pencil beam of light that can project over long distances. The white LED can be colored using the built-in color wheel, which has 7 glass dichroic filters.

The eye Kandy has 7 gobos, which are interchangeable and can rotate in both directions. Sixteen (16) tri-color 3-watt LEDs, arranged in a circle around the outside edge of the front lens, are formatted and can be controlled in quadrants. These tri-color LEDs have a beam angle of 25 degrees and can produce color washes around the center pencil-beam of light creating a double effect when the eye Kandy is used as an image projection fixture against a wall, cyc or other surface. The eye Kandy can also be rotated into the audience and used to see the visual effects created by using the tri-color LEDs. This is what makes the fixture unique.

Manufacturer: Elektralite
Web Site: www.myelektralite.com/

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