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Aquatherm Piping Systems

Aquatherm is a highly engineered polypropylene-random pressure piping system which engineers, building owners, and designers across the globe are turning to for a variety of applications.


Aquatherm pipes are heat-fused to form long-lasting, virtually leak-proof connections that are bonded at the molecular level. Unlike traditional pipes, Aquatherm is connected without mechanical connections, open flames, or toxic glues and solvents. Lighter than metal, corrosion-proof, and not valued by thieves for scrap value, Aquatherm pipe is also extremely cost competitive -- especially considering total installed cost.


Designed to outlast your building, Aquatherm comes in 1/2-inch to 24-inch diameters, is 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and resistant to hard water and aggressive chemicals.


Aquatherm Green Pipe is ideal for hot and cold potable water, compressed air, food safe, and more. Aquatherm Blue Pipe is ideal for chilled water, geothermal, district heating, radiant heating and more, and all Aquatherm systems come with a 10-year multimillion dollar warranty.

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