Water Heating
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Envision2 Compact Geothermal Heat Pump

Available in 0.75- to 6-ton capacities, the Envision2 Compact design incorporates a number of advanced features, including the Aurora generation of communicating controls. Options include a factory-installed 24V motorized on/off water valve for variable-frequency-drive (VFD) pumping with automatic internal water flow control; hot gas bypass and reheat; and high-efficiency PSC, 5-Speed ECM, or variable speed ECM motors to meet efficiency and comfort needs.


All Envision2 Compact units use environmentally friendly R410A refrigeration and are more than twice as efficient as ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency standards. Single-speed models operate with a Copeland 5-K Scroll or LG rotary compressor, while dual-capacity units use a Copeland UltraTech compressor. All Envision2 Compact heat pumps feature coaxial heat exchangers that are oversized and convoluted with a copper inner tube and steel outer tube for maximum heat transfer at normal and low water flow rates, minimizing pressure drop.

Manufacturer: WaterFurnace
Web Site: www.waterfurnace.com/

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