Insul-Lock E HR Roof Insulation Adhesive

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Insul-Lock E HR Roof Insulation Adhesive

This highly elastomeric, foamable one-step adhesive sets quickly, allowing insulation placed into it to support foot traffic after only 10 minutes. Its low-VOC compliance and 45% rapidly renewable content help meet green goals.

Insul-Lock’s packaging eliminates the risk of improper mixing with special static mixing nozzles. It leaves the roof deck intact by eliminating the need for deck penetrations and fasteners, lessening the risk of structural and moisture damage and minimizing business disruption inside the building. This prolongs the life of the waterproofing system and eliminates potential thermal bridging.

The adhesive bonds to a variety of substrates, including structural decks, approved base sheets, insulation board layers, and properly prepared graveled surfaces. A water-based primer can be used to prepare heavily oxidized surfaces for Insul-Lock.

Manufacturer: Garland Co Inc, The
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