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Laptop/Netbook and Table Carts

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. has introduced four new mobile device carts to support the modern learning environment. The new MDMLAP30 30-unit laptop/netbook carts and MDMTAB36 36-unit tablet carts feature an advanced power management system and the industry’s first “desktop” cord management system.

The new carts include a sophisticated “Power Manager” system, which is designed to continuously charge even the most power hungry mobile devices. The system uses a “Round Robin” charging cycle that constantly evaluates the demand for power and concentrates on the devices that need it most.

The system inherently senses when batteries are nearing a full charge and automatically reduces power as required. The Power Manager not only prevents circuit tripping, but also allows each set of device batteries to cool down between charging cycles, thereby extending their life.

Manufacturer: Bretford
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