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Are you ready to commission BIM for your building or facility? Procure a BIM deliverable with ease.

First, make sure you really understand the results. When energy auditors come in, they gather information, run lots of numbers, and create spreadsheets – but you may still not understand how to use that information. Get electronic copies of everything, especially if you hired an outside energy auditing firm to conduct the audit. The report should be usable or modifiable over time, not a PDF document that can’t be updated.

Learn how to save time, save money, and save your sanity

Don’t be left in the dark – day cleaning can decrease energy costs while increasing company sustainability and elevating employee mood

Navigate the roofing marketplace to nail down the best roofing products.

Demountable partitions can decreases your costs as permanent fixtures become a thing of the past

Take control your hydronic system to stop thermal complaints and energy waste.

Ever find yourself in the middle of a costly project and wish you'd started off differently? “The Integrated and Well-Planned Campus,” the Society for College and University Planning’s LinkedIn group took on one of the questions that every facility manager and building owner comes face to face with.

Looking to squeeze more money out of your budget? 2011's top money-saving products are here. These economical products are geared toward energy-slashing results, fast ROIs, low initial and life-cycle costs, and minimal environmental impact.

Use teleconferencing as a cost-saving strategy and dodge common pitfalls with three basic steps.
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Smart design paves the way for optimal building-grid interactions.


Implement a water management plan without ballooning your budget.


Snap-in designs cut installation cost for office and high-bay applications.