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Pour a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and listen to great ideas about doing more with less

The role and value of the roofing observer are described in a new manual

The first choice in roofing is usually repair, based on its relatively low cost - at what point, however, is such a measure uneconomical?

Find out how to work with workers’ compensation after an injury in your department

Efficient irrigation design and practices save money on water and energy

Proper roof design and maintenance can lower operating expenses.

When a lighting retrofit is done right, you’ll see dramatic savings, quick payback, enhanced lighting quality, visual comfort, reduced maintenance, etc. – as long as you don’t make these 17 mistakes

Demand-response programs save you energy, earn you money, and help you lessen your buildings' impact on the environment

 Roof construction and maintenance can provide significant long-term savings

A proactive approach to managing utility expenses can make a substantial difference in energy costs and energy usage

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Smart design paves the way for optimal building-grid interactions.


76 smart solutions that will reduce operational costs.


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