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As building and facility owners perpetually demand improvement in the performance of thermoset and thermoplastic roof membranes, researchers and chemists have continued to evolve and advance their technologies and capabilities. While improvements have been made to improve the performance of both TPO’s and PVC’s, KEE is indisputably the highest-performing thermoplastic roof membrane on the market.


Morton Buildings has cultivated a legacy of excellence, versatility and innovation since its inception in 1903. Thanks to that century’s worth of experience, Morton has become the leader in custom timber-frame construction, with a rich history of building new facilities in numerous industries, such as restaurants, offices, retail spaces, wineries, churches, veterinary clinics, banks, warehouses, and wind farms. 


Paul Ornelas, Service Manager for Paganini Electric Corporation in San Francisco, CA, had a project where traditional cable management solutions such as core drilling and the use of floor monuments were not a viable solution. “There were a lot of problems we had with coring and monuments and all the steps that go along with it,” said Ornelas. He found an opportunity for change when he researched online and quickly came upon the Connectrac Wireway website.


At around 445,000 square feet, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s new Research Tower created a variety of A/V Meeting Rooms able to seat and accommodate as many as 30 people. Each meeting room moved away from the standard projector set-up by using flat-panel, wall-mounted displays, along with conference phones and personalized Crestron Flip-Tops placed on top of every conference tables. The Crestron Flip-Tops bring controls for lighting and video inputs to a touch screen


When considering new construction or renovation HVAC projects, chilled beam technology is a proven, although often overlooked, alternative to Variable-Air-Volume (VAV) systems. Used extensively in Europe, chilled beam technology employs a cooling coil using chilled water and convective air motion to provide radiant cooling. An active chilled beam relies on a remote air handler to induce the room air to flow across the chilled water coil to cool the space. 


Tasha Hughes is a public relations and marketing specialist for nora systems, Inc., an international rubber flooring manufacturer dedicated to developing premium flooring solutions for a variety of commercial markets, including healthcare, education, industry and life science labs and public buildings. She can be reached at To learn more about nora systems, Inc., visit


Carpet Contributes to Sustainable Design Goals at Haworth


In today’s global economy, every second of business time is crucial and can represent millions of dollars in revenue, or lost revenue if an unexpected event happens for which there was no pre-planning.  Learn how Aggreko was able to help one major resort hotel in the Bahamas get back online quickly after an unexpected outage. 


For most Facility Managers, their biggest challenge derives from projects that require a consistent flow of supervision. We recently caught up with a Facility Manager located in Kansas City, to get an inside look at how job management is tackled in their facility.


Facility Managers are more focused than ever on sustainable resource management. As energy costs fluctuate and executive-level pressures to conserve and save mount, Facility Managers are stepping up to the challenges with an increased level of commitment and expertise. 

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