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Aquatherm is the only piping system in North America with a product-specific, NSF International-certified environmental product declaration (EPD). This means designers and specifiers who choose Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random for their projects can obtain points under LEED v4 being implemented later this year. This is just one example of how Aquatherm is leading the industry in innovative piping solutions. Whether it’s domestic water, heating and cooling, compressed air, chemical transport, or any number of other applications, Aquatherm is leading the way. We’ve got a pipe for that!


Sleek, aerodynamic lines give the Amplify collection power, with a look of modern design and sumptuous comfort. Mesh back and upholstered back chairs and stools are available in multiple frame, arm and base colors.


Two of the greatest challenges for property owners have to do with transportation: managing traffic safety and preventing bike theft. Both can be addressed with effective planning—and the right hardware.  


The rapid maturation of the waste management industry has created a considerable opportunity for large enterprises and multi-site businesses to achieve significant bottom-line savings. In some cases, companies have even turned what was formerly a cost of doing business into a new revenue stream. Multi-site businesses have long been hamstrung by a waste management industry marked by geographic, service-level, and cost fragmentation. Many companies have left the responsibility of selecting and managing waste haulers to site managers. 


Today, the facility manager’s role goes well beyond maintenance. He or she must keep up with new codes and standards, learn emerging trends and technologies, and consider new ways to teach new recruits as boomers retire. Download the white paper, “How Facility Management Is Changing in 2016,” to learn more. 


One of the primary objectives of an EMS is to reduce costs through improved operational and energy efficiency. To achieve that objective, you must invest the time and resources necessary to ensure your EMS is performing properly. This guide will share best practices and recommendations for the optimization of EMS performance and proven suggestions that extend its overall life and value to your organization. We will address the most common reasons for EMS system failure, and we will make recommendations for the resolution of these issues through a properly executed System Management Program.


There's the ideal proactive maintenance program, and there's reality most of us manage while we work toward it. Here are tips for optimizing your resources and starting a new program. 


In recent years, bicycle use has grown in communities across the country. This shift allows riding individuals to decrease their cost of living with lower automobile-related expenses, to spend less of their time dealing with the headaches of intense traffic, and to elevate their personal fitness. However, with the increased use of bikes also comes the need for greater safe cycling education, specialized bike lanes on roads, and community support and encouragement for a successful bicycle program. 


Whether they’re motivated by concern for their health, their bank accounts or the environment (or all three), many people – particularly college students and Millennials - are carrying reusable water bottles these days. There will always be demand for a quick, cool drink of water at a drinking fountain, but today consumers are also asking for an easy way to refill their portable water bottles. Water bottle filling stations, including those that retrofit onto existing drinking fountains, are a perfect solution. 

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