People expect healthcare facilities to be clean and safe, and ensuring the safety of patients,
visitors and staff is among the most important jobs facilities directors perform. Reducing cleaningrelated
hazards – including slippery floors, poor indoor air quality, and handling and mixing
chemicals – will help make your facility safer.


Reflecting solar rays reduce surface temperature and help lower heat gain


Imagine being able to access facilities information from your tablet PC, iPad or computer, without having to search through stacks of old documents. Thanks to forward-thinking contractors and new collaboration technology, more and more facilities teams are making digital O&Ms a reality. 


Unmatched simplicity, portability & performance at a remarkable price.

View your workspace from a different perspective—a healthy perspective. Because whether it’s at home, in a collaboration area, coworking space or your own office, the space where you work is important for many reasons.


Sport Flooring Manufacturer Scores with Industrial Cooling Piping System

Utah’s Sport Court picks Aquatherm PP-R piping for new headquarters facility

Connectrac wireways offer discrete and elegant power and technology connectivity in open interior spaces of all kinds. With its breakthrough modular wireway alternative to expensive core drilling, Connectrac brings power and communications from the wall to wherever it is needed affordably, quickly and with long-term flexibility. Connectrac meets the demands of university, government, airport and corporate facility projects across the United States and Canada.

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