Educational Facilities

Reopening Educational Facilities Amid COVID-19: eHandbook

Whenever K-12, colleges and universities do decide to reopen, their facilities need to be clean, operational and safe for students and staff. In this eHandbook, we’ve compiled a number of up-to-date guidelines and resources from some of the most trusted sources to help get educational facilities ready for learning.

Security in Parking Garages, Retail and Schools

Security is one of the top items on the minds of facility managers and owners—and your occupants. Christoph Trappe talks to Adrienne Reitz from Cornell Cookson about the latest security trends in parking garages, retail and schools.

AIA 2019: Acoustics that Enable Architectural Design

CertainTeed created an acoustical solution that enables architects to create aesthetically pleasing, functional designs that can be tailored to suit colors, shapes, and other customized elements needed for schools, hospitals and more. Christoph Trappe chats with Chris Bourque on the AIA Conference floor.