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Alert: Emissions Reporting Update


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Update on Emissions Reporting
Steep Energy and Emissions Cuts
Fortune 100 Companies Make Cuts
Top Energy Star Cities
How to Meet Energy Goals
Products & Resources
The Energy Manager - Presented by BUILDINGS
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An Update on GHG Emissions Reporting and Carbon Offsets

Solutions for Smart, Efficient and Sustainable Buildings
Managing energy and operational efficiency is critical to maintaining your facility’s overall value. Siemens experts have answers tailored to meet your specific needs and budget constraints. With strategies, systems, services and financing options designed to maximize building performance, we can help your building reach peak efficiency at any stage in its life cycle. Greater efficiency means less waste, an improved environmental impact and more for your bottom line.

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Steep Energy and Emissions Reduction Goals by 2030 Steep Energy and Emissions Reduction Goals by 2030
Twenty-four architecture, engineering, and development firms join forces to meet goals
How Fortune 100 Companies Lower Emissions How Fortune 100 Companies Lower Emissions
Clean energy practices are becoming standard procedures for the world’s largest businesses

Top Energy Star Cities Top Energy Star Cities
The EPA identifies the highest performing metropolitan areas

Energy Programs Expanding Meeting Energy Goals
Energy management is a continuous operations effort at this Canadian facility

Honeywell LED Industrial Lighting Fixtures
Mercury-free, solid-state, energy efficient industrial LED fixtures offer 50K-hour operating life in a choice of 3500, 4100 & 5000K colors for a wide range of indoor/outdoor lighting applications. Available in surface wrap, vapor tight and industrial strip fixtures to meet your project needs.
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SecureLYNXby Lynxspring SecureLYNX
by Lynxspring
  SmartStruxure by Schneider Electric SmartStruxure
by Schneider Electric
Energy Reduction Asset Market Tools by Joule Assets Energy Reduction Asset Market Tools
by Joule Assets
  Zefr Wind Turbines by JLM Energy Zefr Wind Turbines
by JLM Energy
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How to Achieve LEED Points by Installing VRF HVAC Systems
  View our Case Studies Case Study
Test Pattern: An Eco-Smart Lighting Design in Burbank
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Air Handler
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High-output UVC EmittersTM reduce energy expenditures even as an airport expands

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