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Berkeley Lab Releases Free Benchmarking Tool


The web-based program uses building metrics to create energy-saving solutions.

The web-based benchmarking tool is free.

The full version of EnergyIQ, a free web-based benchmarking tool, made its debut this month.

The program, developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, provides benchmarks for building energy use, cost, greenhouse gas emissions, and characteristics and allows users to compare their buildings to thousands of others from the California Commercial End-Use Survey and the DOE’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.

Energy IQ allows both cross-sectional benchmarking, which examines one point in time, and longitudinal benchmarking, which allows you to trend your building’s performance over longer periods. Your facility’s answers are then used to generate a list of energy upgrade opportunities.

The tool builds on the capabilities of previous tools, such as the laboratory’s CalArch, and can import energy data from ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager.

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