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Geothermal Database Launches

Tap into the DOE’s new data stream for renewable energy


Tap into the DOE’s new data stream for renewable energy.


A new online tool is aimed at helping speed the adoption of geothermal energy sources.

The DOE’s National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) is an open-source platform designed to facilitate the discovery and use of geothermal data sets, including millions of newly digitized records on geologic features, faults, seismicity, heat flow, geochemistry, drilling, and temperatures at various depths and locations.

Businesses can use the free tool for research, resource characterization, and prospecting, according to the DOE. Its data can help determine geothermal potential, minimize development risks, guide investment, and understand how geothermal activities can affect the local community and the environment in general.

Interested? The NGDS is available at