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Updates to bEQ Program

Make easy energy comparisons


The update to the Building Energy Quotient program includes more building types and a new methodology to measure "In Operation" buildings.

Building Energy Quotient Table


ASHRAE's Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program has been updated to provide a clearer picture of a building's true energy use and allow more nimble comparisons between energy consumption at various types of buildings.

Changing is the program's "In Operation" label calculations, which now rely on actual metered energy use as informed by the building's occupancy and usage variables instead of the previous methodology's reliance on the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Instead of being limited to building types encompassed by the Portfolio Manager, the bEQ program can provide median energy use indices by climate zone for all building types covered in the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS).

"The new methodology allows greater uniformity for many more available building types, which should result in better rating comparisons since those buildings are now able to get a normalized energy use index. In addition, submission forms are now easier to use with more of the information/calculation automated and with expanded explanations, definitions and instructions to help better classify a candidate building," says Ross Montgomery, bEQ Committee Chair.

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