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ASHRAE and IAQA Join Forces

The merger results in shared resources for both organizations


The merger results in shared resources for both organizations.

Here’s a breath of fresh air: ASHRAE and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) have agreed to team up and combine their resources for indoor air quality professionals. Pending a three- to six-month period of due diligence, IAQA will become part of the ASHRAE organization while maintaining its own brand and board of directors.

“The work of IAQA complements the work of ASHRAE in its standards, research, publications, and educational offerings,” says Tom Phoenix, ASHRAE president.

“Our strong history of programs and products is expected not only to continue, but to grow as the merger allows us to take advantage of the resources and programs overseen by ASHRAE,” adds Kent Rawhouser, president of IAQA.

In addition to ASHRAE offering two standards and several publications focused on IAQ, it also has $2.8 million invested in 10 projects related to indoor air quality and recently formed the Indoor Environmental Quality Global Alliance, which includes IAQA as a charter member.

IAQA provides continuing education, conferences, certification programs, webinars, technical publications, and funding for related research. Its subsidiary, the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, is an ANSI-accredited standards developing organization.

“Indoor air quality is vitally important to the health and welfare of people worldwide,” Phoenix says. “Air quality systems must work harmoniously with other systems to ensure a healthy and sustainable built environment.”