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LEED Project Review Process Simplified

New designation helps streamline LEED certification


The USGBC has developed a new tool to help streamline the LEED certification process. 

For all of its many benefits, LEED certification is not an easy goal to achieve – the application process can be arduous and review times can be significant. LEED Proven Provider, a new tool provided by the Green Building Certification Institute and the USGBC, is designed to help building owners and facility managers choose organizations with consistent LEED-certification project management experience to help expedite the process. 

The LEED Proven Provider program, open to organizations with a minimum of six certified projects in a single rating system family, provides greater access to LEED reviewers and recognition from the USGBC for demonstrating "consistent excellence in administering LEED projects." 

By recognizing and endorsing firms that have proven their ability to streamline the LEED-certification system, the USGBC hopes that the new program will minimize the need for additional work during the project review process. The offering will also help improve LEED certification by facilitating more open communication between LEED reviewers and participants. 

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