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Active Workstations Improve Occupant Health

Study shows walking at work can improve focus, mental health


Study shows walking at work can improve focus, mental health.

Worker using a walking workstation

Walking or cycling workstations can not only boost physical but mental health as well, says a new study from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The researchers evaluated 180 study participants who were randomly assigned to seated, standing, cycling, or walking workstations to learn whether or not the change in working conditions produced a change in cognitive, emotional, or professional performance.

The research found that participants using walking workstations tended to have higher satisfaction, arousal, and less boredom than those workers in sedentary positions. While workers generally saw benefits to the walking workstations, those using cycling workstations tended to have reduced satisfaction and performance than sedentary workers. 

In addition to the study’s measurements, body mass index and exercise habit data was collected and the researchers found that the benefits of walking while working extended to even those workers who did not regularly exercise.

“Even if you don’t exercise or are overweight, you’ll experience both short-term physical and psychological benefits,” says Michael Sliter, assistant professor of psychology and lead author of the study.

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