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Visualizing Building Design from a Vehicle

New technology provides more realistic retrofit, new construction modeling


New technology provides more realistic retrofit, new construction modeling.

Building design modeling

Auto AR allows facilities professionals to visualize the designed interior of a building before construction has begun by using BIM data to provide an accurate visual rendering of future plans. PHOTO CREDIT: Fraunhofer FIT

While we may not be able to see into the future yet, researchers at Fraunhofer FIT are getting one step closer with a vehicle-mounted device that can “see” future building designs based on BIM data.

The device, called Auto AR, gives a 3D image of what the building will look like based on information from CAD drawings that are transferred to its central BIM model. Auto AR uses the provided data, a 3D engine, and localizing sensors to give users an integrated view of the plans based on the location of the sensors.

Though the device is designed to be mounted on top of cars, the researchers have also created a VR head-mounted display that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the building model. Building managers, architects, and developers can get a better understanding of how the new construction and layout will look and function before any work is performed.