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Tool to Assess Value of Building Retrofits

New web application can identify energy savings opportunities


New web application can identify energy savings opportunities.

Designed to help FMs make the best possible decisions about building retrofits, a new web tool has been developed that uses information about a facility to perform energy simulations and identify the most valuable improvement opportunities. The Retrofit Savings Estimator, created by the New Buildings Institute, uses both general factors such as size, heating and cooling types, and building operation schedules as well as more technical details to create custom simulations and identify the relative value of potential changes.

In addition to ranking potential retrofits by energy savings, the tool helps FMs predict how much energy could be saved by creating custom measures and subsets that can determine the impact of specific choices. The Estimator’s results can also be used to compare multiple buildings within a portfolio, allowing building professionals to define the scope of possible projects and learn how much value could be created with energy retrofits.