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First Facilities Receive Green Garage Certification

Sustainable parking leaders recognized


Sustainable parking leaders recognized.

Parking garage

Seven parking facilities have become certified under the Green Parking Council’s just-launched Green Garage Certification sustainability program. The garages include corporate, hotel, airport, and university facilities across the U.S. that were evaluated on 48 elements of operation, programs, structure, and technology.

The certification, which is delivered by Green Business Certification, Inc. the certifying body for LEED, was launched earlier in 2015 with standards designed to cut operational costs for parking facilities up to 25% compared to the national average.

Common practices and improvements suggested by the garage certification program include energy-efficient lighting and ventilation, guidance systems designed to help drivers find parking quickly, storm water management practices, bicycle parking, idle-reduction technologies and electric vehicle charging stations.

“The greening of parking facilities transforms them into enablers of sustainable mobility. Certified Green Garages offer significant benefits for drivers, tenants, building owners, property managers, and society overall,” says Paul Wessel, executive director of the Green Parking Council.

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