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Updated Test Method for Exterior Walls

Specifications to improve wall resiliency


Specifications to improve wall resiliency.

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The AAMA 501-14 standard for laboratory and field testing of exterior wall systems has been updated to standardize test procedures and include new technology not covered in the 2005 iteration. Released by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the standard specifies test methods, specifications, and field checks that are used to confirm the structural adequacy and integrity of wall systems, including their ability to resist water penetration and air leakage.

Products included in the new test methods include any exterior wall system comprised of curtainwalls, storefronts or sloped glazing. The updates are intended to ensure that test laboratories and product manufacturers can easily understand the requirements and criteria for testing wall systems. The improvements are also designed to help building professionals in areas such as Florida, where building codes may be more detailed due to geographic location and regular extreme weather events. Learn more and download the updated standard here.