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New Tool to Remediate Mold Issues

Online resource center includes prevention and decontamination tips


Online resource center includes prevention and decontamination tips.

Mold on walls

Need help diagnosing potentially dangerous mold problems in your facility? The Mold Resource Center is an online tool that includes general information about mold, flood response resources, access to mold related publications and educational courses, and an online listing of mold remediation specialists. Created by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the reference guide provides resources for FMs in areas dealing with natural catastrophes as well as in buildings with too much indoor moisture.

In addition to giving users more education about how and where the filamentous fungi is most likely to grow in facilities, such as in areas with water damage, elevated or prolonged humidity, or dampness, the Mold Resource Center provides information about the best ways to get rid of mold. These measures willimprove IEQ and keep building occupants safe. The Mold Resource Center can be accessed here.