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Energy Storage for Grid Resiliency

DOE projects to increase the role of solar in U.S. power usage


DOE projects to increase the role of solar in U.S. power usage.

Rooftop solar panels

A new DOE initiative will help spur development and implementation of technologies for storing solar energy. The projects, which will receive a total of $18 million in funding under the SunShot Initiative, are expected to vastly increase the amount of solar power that can be used to ensure the reliability and performance of the nation’s electric grid. The six projects will use internet-enabled converters and work with smart buildings, appliances, and utility control systems.

The projects included the creation of a distributed energy resource management platform, development of smart inverters and integrated PV, storage, and building load management solutions to help increase the use of renewable technologies such as solar PV. The project is also part of the DOE’s Grid Modernization Initiative, which helps modernize the nation’s power grid by integrating renewable electric sources with conventional ones.