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Green Buildings Are 9% Cheaper to Operate

Efficient construction, retrofits expected to surge through 2018


Efficient construction, retrofits expected to surge through 2018.

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Green building projects continue to grow around the world with good reason, as a new report shows that median operating costs can drop by as much as 9% for efficient facilities in the next year. The World Green Building Trends study also found building owners report a median value increase of 7% and projects the value of green properties to double by 2018.

The survey, which polled over 1,000 building professionals worldwide, found that a growing number of U.S. respondents predicted over 60% of their upcoming projects would be green in 2016 compared to 24% in 2015. The U.S. was also noted for leading globally in green facility retrofits, with 43% of respondents planning projects in the upcoming years compared to just 37% for the rest of the world. American building owners still have room to improve, with just 57% of respondents saying that they use metrics to track performance, which is much lower than the global average of 75%.